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Already a customer or just getting started? Add to your collection of samples to show your customers you love handcrafted frames.

How does it work?

We have literally thousands of different designs to choose from so it can get a little overwhelming, but we’re here to help. While our chop & length line discontinues items from time to time, finished corner frames are handcrafted in NYC from raw materials and are all made custom to order in the truest sense of the word. A consequence of all that work is that we have to charge for handcrafted samples (we still loose money on every one, believe it or not) and they can take months to get.

But things are easier than they seem. We have a sizeable (and rotating) number of new finished corner samples in stock for immediate delivery. And, if you’re an established AMCI/Regence customer, we’re able to lend samples – we invoice you for the cost of the sample upon shipment and credit you upon return – from our rather extensive reference collection.

Need help choosing samples?

If you have answers to the following questions, we can make some helpful suggestions:

  • Are you looking to frame a canvas OR a print OR an unique object?
  • What’s your budget? Prefinished mouldings are generally more affordable, but we also have options including gilded chop & length, custom hardwoods, and gilded drawing frames at price points that are quite reasonable. And, of course, we have much to choose from for the discerning client where price is no object.
  • What’s your timeframe? A prefinished stocked item can be cut and shipped the same day vs. a handcarved gilded masterpiece that can take six weeks or more, although most handcrafted frames are somewhere in the middle. And there’s always the option to have an order expedited for an additional fee.
  • Are you looking for something contemporary or traditional? The age old question but we have many designs to choose from.

Promotions and sample sets

We often offer special prices for sample sets of newly launched styles and occasionally have sample promotions. Speak to your local sales representative or give customer service a call.

Know what you want? Ready to place an order for samples?

What are you waiting for? Give customer service a call at 718.937.5858

Thanks for your interest in AMCI/Regence. We look forward to working with you.

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